Coyote Poetry


I am the figure on the lonely sunset beach.
Can you see me. My eyes.
I think I see you but you stand so far away, that
I can’t tell if you are real
Or a figment of my imagination which will fade away
if I call to loud.
I am lonely
Out here I sit cross legged and cold starring at my hair…blowing
Behind me somewhere far out at sea.
I see my heart rise
on the crest of a wave..
Expand and Contract…Expand and Contract..
Expand and EXPLODE
A thousand pieces swept by the swell…to sink to the shore.
I see me as I am..
An old man falling to the sand…my bones laid bare.

But the morning sun rises
And sees me stand..
An athlete still strong and arms open to greet the morning..
I turn and walk west…