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Your Business Is Your Story…Don’t let it stagnate!

Episode 1 – “I don’t know where to start!”

What is the Number One fear about speaking in public?

Actually, there is no number one fear. There’s a whole range of physical and psychological reasons why some people hate speaking in public. But who knows what the business and personal benefits could be from improving how you present yourself to a live audience or camera.

For example, have you been attracted to someone’s story before you were even sure what it was exactly what they did?

Speaking is your ‘audible’ business card. It is your verbal brand.

  • Having a story makes you Memorable, it helps you create a reputation.

People hate being sold to on a first meeting, so the first meeting shouldn’t be about selling…unless it’s selling yourself.

  • It creates Empathy and Loyalty.

I can almost guarantee that somewhere in your story is a point where the client thinks, “Yes! I’ve been there.” Or “That’s what’s happening to me now.”

  • It helps make you recognisable, as the best person to go to, for what you offer, ahead of your competitors.

There is more than just yourself offering the solutions people are looking for, but you have been open about your ups and downs on the way to where you are now. Do you think that might give you an edge?

  • It helps increase Know-Like and Trust better than most other forms of branding.

Banners, flyers, business cards, generally, they all carry one message no matter where you take them or who you show them to, correct? But, audiences are different, locations are different, so you need different messages. The best way to be different is to tell a slightly different story where ever you are. You can change which story you tell or change the way you tell it.

  • It can make you become even more professional.

Your story is your brand. You have told your story honestly. Now you need to live up to your story or the brand is ruined.

  • It can increase your business’s premium image, you can charge a premium price.

You tell your story for the first time and people are interested. They may buy into you. But when you deliver on the promises your story encapsulates you can increase your offers.

  • The longer-term impact of speaking will mean you have a higher budget for other marketing costs as it will be your reputation and your story that will be bringing you in your new business.

Unless you have a rich benefactor behind you from the start, you will need to grow a client base. In my experience, the surest way to grow an audience is to speak to people.
But everyone knows that to talk to clients on a 1-2-1 basis is costly in time and money. By your ability to talk to a group and persuade them to call you budget costs can be directed to other areas.

  • For your customers, there is a less perceived risk as you have a reputation for trustworthiness and openness.

Do you hear people say “Yes! You can trust them. Look at their banner.” Or “Yes! You can trust them, They do what they SAY.”

  • Overall you end up with an Improved image.

You have had problems speaking to a large audience for many years,  but, after some training, you stand up for the first time and deliver a presentation you have prepared, practised and performed confidently, how much more confident will your posture be next time? How much more energy will you be able to put into the presentation, next time? How much more impact will your speech have next time.?

  • You will be able to attract the best talent and the best investors with your story.    You are aiming to create a Unique Selling Promotion with your story – i.e. people will come to you instead of your competitors because they have heard your story.

Your personality will become your Attraction Point, so your business needs to have become a personality. Your business needs your story to be told. But…it needs to be told well. Next time we will explore how that can be achieved.
So, a good place to start any conversation at a group meeting is “Tell us all a little bit about yourself.”

How confident would you feel if you were asked that question?