7/05/17.Nothing Happened To Me Today…except!

Nothing happened to me today…except I was on my way from home to Coventry station to catch the train to London at 05.50.

I had only been on the scooter two minutes when I saw the body of a badger in the middle of the road. Now, being a rider I always try to move road-kill out of the way of traffic that would crush the body flat. It’s a trait I’ve picked up since being a rider because I have the thought flash through my mind that I’d hope someone would move my body if they ever came across me lying prone.

The blood was still seeping from the badger’s mouth and rigour mortise had not set in so the incident could not have long happened. I carried the body onto the grass verge and laid it beneath a tree in peace. As I bent down my mobile phone fell out of my pocket onto the ground. I picked it up and put it back. I felt in one pocket and then the other because I wasn’t sure if my wallet may have fallen out as well. It wasn’t there, but it wasn’t on the ground either. I had left it at home.

Although I wish it had not been that way the badger saved me from arriving at the station without my tickets and with no cards to buy replacements.
So nothing much happened on the day…except.
Did very little happen to you and can you make a story out of it?
Let me know at ernie@erniesaid.info; Join me at http://www.ErnieSaid.info and on social media.

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