Nothing Happened To Me Today 20/04/17


Nothing happened to me today! 
Except…and I wish this had not happened. My alarm went off at 06.30 and woke me from a damn good dream. I switch on the radio which confirms the time with the 6.30 news headlines. Slightly disorientated I reached across and switched it off when the thought smashed through the fog ‘networking in Balsall Common.

This is a once a month event which sort of creeps up on you because of the time gap between meetings, but it is one worth turning up to. So I jump out of bed and get to the bathroom, wash and clean up while I practice my 60-seconds. Dress and at 7 am mount my trusty silver stead and motor off to Balsall Common some 15 minutes away. There’s a light drizzle but nothing to worry about.

Traffic at this time of the day is very light so in no time at all, I am outside the venue for the meeting, only I know straight away that something is wrong. The doors are closed and the lights are off. A little perplexed I wait for five minutes until I’m sure that the meeting must have been relocated and I’d missed the email.

I decided to phone one of the organisers because Balsall Common isn’t that big and the new venue won’t be far away. A slightly hazy voice answered the phone.
“Hi, it’s Ernie has the venue been changed?”                                                                                   “What venue?”
“For the meeting!”
“It’s every third FRIDAY!”

It was only Thursday! I was a day early and a numpty.
You see the worst of this ‘nothing happened today’ shocker is that something will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is the third Friday of the month.

Now I’m sure this has happened to everyone. Hasn’t it? But when it did, did you think of tying it into a story about ‘organisation’ and checking your diary?

If you want to know more about turning days when ‘Nothing happens’ into content, catch up with me at or and let’s watch out for each other.

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