Love Is…

Love is Pain.

Through the hours of pregnancy, searching my breast…for an escape                                            An escape which cannot exist. Because Love is Pain.                                                                        And I have known love.

Love is Walking through back street cities…sharing the stench and filth of time           tossed away in an idle, wasted moment. But not seeing the waste…for I am walking in darkness. And the filth is the time we are apart…Because Love is walking through back street cities…And I have known love.

Love is Reflecting                                                                                                                               Remembering scenes that pass in a haze…the lights, the fountains…                                                    All there to be seen. But hidden from view.   Hidden because Love is reflecting                                And I have known love

But Is Love the Future?                                                                                                                             Will buildings and nature, heal the pain. More surely than waiting….                                                   Till time has passed and people forget why…they turned away…in anger and despair.                    Is Love the future?


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