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Love Is…

Love is Pain.

Through the hours of pregnancy, searching my breast…for an escape                                            An escape which cannot exist. Because Love is Pain.                                                                        And I have known love.

Love is Walking through back street cities…sharing the stench and filth of time           tossed away in an idle, wasted moment. But not seeing the waste…for I am walking in darkness. And the filth is the time we are apart…Because Love is walking through back street cities…And I have known love.

Love is Reflecting                                                                                                                               Remembering scenes that pass in a haze…the lights, the fountains…                                                    All there to be seen. But hidden from view.   Hidden because Love is reflecting                                And I have known love

But Is Love the Future?                                                                                                                             Will buildings and nature, heal the pain. More surely than waiting….                                                   Till time has passed and people forget why…they turned away…in anger and despair.                    Is Love the future?


My reason for using the Lee Style T’ai Chi Style

For the last 12 years I have been  drawn into the particular physical benefits of T’ai Chi being able, after six weeks to bend my knees without pain, stand upright without my shoulders hurting and generally moving more freely than I have for many years.

The Introduction

My first introduction to this form of martial art came just as my body was falling apart after years of contact sports and the training required for those sports.I had no right knee to speak of; a right ankle which no longer swelled up after turning over so many times  and a right collar bone sticking up from the  shoulder  joint. Oh and a broken nose.

The History and Benefits

The Lee Style is recorded as being some 3000 years old and was introduced into my area by Master Chee Soo.
Known as the “Square Yard T’ai Chi” because all the moves can be practised in a square yard of floor space means this form of exercise can be practised daily wherever you are.
The repetition of movements helps to strengthen the muscles around joints, improves posture, balance and body control.
There are deeper aspects to T’ai Chi but I have dedicated myself to the physical side of the form with the aim of improving stances,posture and co-ordination of hands, arms,legs and feet.
The flow of the movements often hide the strength and flexibility required to acheive improved movement. It also hides the mental capacity of concentration and focus needed to utilize speed and power.
The Breathing patterns allow the body’s ability to create healthy blood flow and circulation along with improved relaxation which can never be overstated. The overall physical and mental effects of the improved breathing patterns are well documented but personally my experience has been that time, actual physical time has passed so quickly that students with chronic and acute joint and muscular pain have ,in fact, been able to tolerate sixty minutes of exercise. This is despite the fact that they had come to me before the class began and warned me that they may leave the session early if the pain gets too bad. In my twelve years of practice only two people have ever had to leave because they felt unable to carry on.

If you want to know more about this powerful form of exercise visit to find out just what a balanced exercise programme consists of.