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Thank God..Or Not

Thank God…Why?

Friday 18th July 2014 began as an ordinary Friday except I’d arranged to pick up some printing from 10 miles away in Coventry and set out on a beautifully sunny day where the temperatures were in the eighties and perfect for being on the scooter.
The journey went without hitch until 9.45 am when I was riding down Gulson Road, Coventry with some cars parked on the right hand side, so I was towards the centre of the road and travelling at 30 mph.

I saw the Virgin Network van parked outside a shop but it was stationary so not a problem. Until I was some 15/20 yards away when the van swerved out in front of me with no signal or warning. It was as if the driver hadn’t looked and just put the van into gear and sped off.

I hit the brakes and from then on in I was in…… here comes the dilemma…I stopped one foot away from the side of the van as it drove across the road and up an adjacent road without stopping and I can only conclude without being aware of me at all.
There I was stopped dead in the middle of the road, the braking had pulled my body over the handle bars and jerked my feet to the ground. The car behind me quickly pulled up beside me and what the driver said seemed innocuous at the time, but the words are the reason I’m writing this.

“Thank God you stopped in time. Are you OK?

I nodded and smiled but stayed there while two or three more cars moved passed me and glanced over. I decided that since I was still upright and the road was clear I’d better move off. There was still a mile or so to go and the van had missed me.
But as I got back into gear and moved off those words came back to me “Thank God you stopped.”

I’ll make it clear here and now, I don’t believe in God at all. I believe the spirit of my ancestors are looking after me at the moment but God. No. Because let’s face it if I have to “Thank God” for the fact that I was quick enough and alert enough to pull the brakes; would it be OK to blame him for the time he decides not to help out? What would be the difference between this God deciding today wasn’t the day for me to crash and then deciding the next time is? What about the people who have been injured or killed on the road today why was it not their time to be saved?

Anyway, I arrived safely and found the printing wasn’t quite ready yet anyway so it would have been a very costly journey for nothing. But the people at the company looked at me once and asked me what was wrong, they saw something in my face or my posture and then it occurred to me that I did feel a bit queasy, and a sit down and cup of tea required.

The rest of the day passed safely and here I am writing about the incident and asking the question..
Do you believe God played a part in the incident Yes or No?