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Moving People To Move…but make it FUN

As a businessman committed to getting people to MOVE I have recently spent more of my time writing as a member of The Working Writer’s Club. The experience has brought home to me just how long we can sit at a computer/typewriter while we discipline ourselves to writing our articles and books. It has also reminded me of the amount of time we can spend sitting down when we are engrossed. So, I want to send this message out to fellow writers:

Let’s Move and Let’s Make It FUN>>

My advice is to find our favourite piece of music (with a beat) and instead of singing along lets stand up or move forward in our chair and DANCE. Just dance as if no one’s watching..but if you want a routine..Try This:

Walk on the spot–Arms swinging…

Alternate toe touches — Alternate heel touches

Raise the heels (calf raising)– Rock from heels to toes

(get the blood to flow right down to our extremities)

Plant your feet– Push your right arm across the body to the left–Push your left arm across the body to the right..

Raise the right arm up and across to the left– Raise the left arm up and across to the right..

Reach the right arm straight up to the ceiling — Raise the left arm straight up to the ceiling..

Both arms down by your sides–Circle your shoulders backwards– circle your shoulders forwards——–Right shoulder back– Left shoulder back..

Walk on the Spot–arms swinging……………………………………………………………………………………..

Do as many repetitions as you feel suits you or for as many tracks as you want to Dance To.


It may be that you feel the need to breath and relax your shoulders, re;ease the tension,,

Sit upright in your chair and look towards a wall or a tree that is still..

Extend your spine up–relax your shoulder blades down–have a small space between your trunk and your arms..relax your fingers.

Take a gentle breath in through your nose and have a steady count of 4..

Take a long slow breath out to a count of 8..

Focus on the out-breath..the in breath will take care of itself.

If your eyes are open simply focus on the space ahead of you..if your eyes close remember the focus is still on the breath..not on falling asleep..(check that your spine stays erect)

Don’t believe that sitting still is not moving..I suggest you’s not an easy option..

Whatever you feel suits you..put the cd on and let the rhythm of the music take you with it, until your ready to write again.