Coyote:*  Is Wisdom and Folly

“There is a ‘magic’ about Coyote, but the magic does not always work. It is the creator and the jokster”

“There is always hidden wisdom where the Coyote is concerned. It is playful and loves to have fun. It is skilful but often looks for ways to do things that will not involve the use of their own skill. They often look for short cuts. They remind us not to become too serious, and remind us that anything is possible.” (From Animal Speak…The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small) Ted Andrews. Of course to the white suburban dwellers of America, Coyotes are often merely pests to be exterminated. But no matter how many times they are hunted the Coyote survives as a member of the World…and I am proud to be a Coyote.

  • From ‘Animal Speak…The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small’ Ted Andrews


How did I get the name?

I have a very close friend, a woman in America who has proved more than once that Spirit has brought gifts of healing to her. She is a shaman.

One evening we agreed that we should both sit in our healing spaces 4,000 miles apart. At 7.30 pm GMT, on a phone we agreed that I would sit, close my eyes and be still for thirty minutes. I would then call her back and discuss what happened. Let me take you through this amazing experience!

I set my alarm for thirty minutes, closed my eyes and sat comfortably in complete silence, until the alarm rang and brought me back to this world. I called her and began to recount my honest experiences.

“I saw a vision of a wolf or some such animal leap into my chest,” It was not aggressive, it was simply as if it was coming home.

“I have named you Coyote” she said “You are my Coyote.”

“I saw turquoise. But it wasn’t a strip it was broken.”

“I am wearing turquoise jewellery.”

“Was there anything else?” She asked.

At this point I faltered. I was not sure if even I believed what had happened.

“I heard breathing.” I offered.

“That’s what I wanted to hear” she replied “I am breathing into a tube.

Over 4.000 miles she had sent these images and this Native American way of sending healing over great distances.

That is how I first became COYOTE.

This is how I became Storyteller…Join me as I tell my stories and add your own comments below.


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